Post Surgery Accommodation Cape Town

Attentive Caring Service

Highlands Country House provides the perfect private and relaxing environment for post-surgery, so you can recuperate in comfort and style.

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Surgery and Recovery

South Africa has a reputation for its excellent medical facilities, top rate cosmetic surgeons and wonderful after-care facilitiesHighlands Guest House and everything is excellent value for money.

More & more people are coming to South Africa to combine a holiday trip with a well prepared surgical or medical procedure.

Surgeons encourage a minimum of a 48 hours acclimatisation period prior to surgery as they are of the opinion that this is essential to ensuring the best possible outcome of a surgical procedure.

At Highlands we work closely with a number of leading doctors and their nurses to provide the framework for the level of after care the patients require. After all caring for guests is what we do best.




Rest and Recuperation

If you have had surgery, Highlands provides the perfect environment for you to recuperate in comfort and style, in perfect privacy, away from the public eye, while being pampered by our efficient staff and caring nurses visiting you on behalf of your doctor. comfort of our guests is of paramount importance. We not only make sure you receive the utmost care and attention, we also take special care to ensure your personal details remain private. If you do not want to receive calls we will make sure you receive the messages, if you need anything collecting or arranging we will take care of that too.



Why not support your recovery in style? At Highlands you can enjoy a picturesque setting, exquisite accommodation,facilities_2 attentive staff, a healthy cuisine and some very fine wines.

When you feel able to travel we can make arrangements for you and whoever else may be joining you.

You do not have to be alone on this adventure. Highlands has its own idyllic, romantic conservatory set in the garden where your private meals can be set to enjoy with family and friends.

We would encourage you to be our guest while you are making your medical arrangements, for breakfast or lunch, so that we may show you our facilities and make you feel at home.